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Jobs for freshers
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Full time jobs
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Part time jobs
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Jobs for women
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AI CV Enhancer

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Frequently asked questions

Simply upload your CV and let employers discover you using our exclusive AI-powered job portal. We would love to hear from you. Contact our support team via
How can JobTatkal help job seekers?

JobTatkal empowers job seekers by showcasing their profiles to relevant recruiters looking to hire someone with their skillset and expertise. Simply create a profile and upload your CV to get on the recruiter’s radar. Stop chasing, and start attracting job opportunities with JobTatkal.

Do I need to pay anything to get a job?

No, you need not pay anything to get a job through JobTatkal. Our platform is free for job seekers. Simply upload your CV and let our AI technology match you with relevant job opportunities. Be found by the best with JobTatkal.

Can I edit or update my profile and CV on JobTatkal after uploading them?

Yes, you have full control over your profile and CV on JobTatkal. You can easily edit and update your basic information such as your name, email, contact number, country, salary, and much more. Moreover, you can also re-upload your CV to update your profile summary, skills, work experience & academic details. Keeping your profile up-to-date helps ensure that you are effectively matched with relevant job opportunities.

How does JobTatkal ensure privacy and data protection for job seekers and recruiters?

JobTatkal takes privacy and data protection seriously. We have robust security measures in place to safeguard the information provided by users. We handle the data with utmost care and ensure secure sharing with recruiters, facilitating seamless communication while protecting your personal information.

How does JobTatkal handle potential biases in the job matching process to ensure equal opportunities for all candidates?

JobTatkal is committed to promoting equal opportunities. We employ rigorous measures to mitigate biases in the job matching process. Our AI algorithms are designed to focus solely on skills, qualifications, and relevant factors, ensuring fair and unbiased assessments of candidates for job opportunities.

How JobTatkal differs from other job sites?

JobTatkal stands out from other job sites with its advanced AI technology. While traditional job sites restrict you with limited filters and specific keywords, JobTatkal leverages the powerful GPT model to provide personalized and tailored matches. The GPT parses through millions of CVs and offers curated recommendations based on skills, experience, and aspirations to the recruiters. Say goodbye to endless scrolling and hello to targeted opportunities!

How can JobTatkal help recruiters?

JobTatkal simplifies the recruitment process for recruiters. By sharing their job requirements through prompts, our AI technology scans through millions of CVs to find the most suitable candidates. This saves time and effort, enabling recruiters to connect with qualified candidates quickly and efficiently.

What file formats are supported by JobTatkal for uploading CVs?

Currently, JobTatkal only supports PDF and DOCX file formats for CV submissions.

Can job seekers and recruiters provide feedback on the JobTatkal platform?

Absolutely! We highly value feedback from our users. Job seekers and recruiters are encouraged to provide their valuable insights, suggestions, and feedback to help us improve the JobTatkal platform. Your input plays a vital role in our ongoing efforts to enhance user experience and deliver the best possible service.

How can I get JobTatkal Premium?

Log into your JobTatkal account after creating it from, and you will see the option to upgrade your free account in the left navigation bar.

What is the JobTatkal affiliate program?

The JobTatkal affiliate program is a unique opportunity for job seekers and recruiters to earn commissions by inviting job seekers to our platform. Affiliates can earn rewards for every successful registration through their unique affiliate links. Click here to know more about our affiliate program.

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